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Helan's anti aging body care line features the latest in skin care science so that it becomes more than just a massage oil, bath salt or lotion, it actually starts to replace what your skin starts to lose at it ages. Each product in the line is specific to an area of the body or an aging concern. Because of the deep penetrating nature of the ingredients (which is needed to actually do the work), ingredients are scrutinized. Not only are all products tested 100% free of Nickel, Cadmium, Lead, moisturizing concentrate for dry, rough and peeling skin protecting the natural balance of the hydrolipidic film Thanks to its unparalleled rich formula, nourishing properties, easy to absorb abilities and unique and enthralling characteristic fragrance, this precious Extra High Moisturizing Cream is the ideal night body treatment which allows the skin to compensate and restore the optimal level of hydration by re-establishing the skin barrier and preventing from dehydration on a regular basis and over time. The innovative presence of Ceramides and extracts of Baobab and Honey, which are irreplaceable for preventing the loss of water through the skin and strengthening the cohesion amongst skin cells, brings the function of the skin barrier back to normal again. The nourishment from the oils of Argan, Inca Inchi, Sweet Almond, Passiflora and Cupuaçu butter has a very effective action in restoring the skin barrier and as well as elasticity of the epidermis. These oils are rich in essential fatty acids which are important components of the skin cell membranes as well as vitamins which are fundamental for the production of supporting skin cells. Vitamins A and E, pre-eminently the anti-ageing vitamins, encourage regeneration over night to restore elasticity, tone and give unrivalled softness to dry and rough skin which has tendency to peel. Aquacream encourages the natural regenerating process of the skin over night whilst sleeping restoring tone, softness and vitality of the skin.

Advanced Anti-aging Body Care Acquacream Moisturizing Concentrate

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