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Helans Vogliadisole products contain nothing that damages the skin, instead, ingredients are scrutinized for their benefits. Paraben, Propylene Glycol, Quaternium, Sodium Benzoate, Mineral Oil, Lanolin, PEG and Sulfate Free. Also free of Artificial Dyes and Fragrances, each ingredient is chosen not for its color or shelf life, but for the benefit of your skin. All products in the Helan line are highly concentrated with each jar/bottle lasting up to three times longer than comparable brands For added safety, all products in the Helan line are certified 100% free of 6 common contaminants (ingredients that do not need to be listed on the label because they were not purposely put in there). So each product in the line is certified free of Lead, nickel,Aluminum, mercury, tin and cadmium The extraordinary properties of triple action Hyaluronic Acid with a range from high to low molecular weight, limits evaporation by forming an invisible film on the skin’s surface, thereby inhibiting dehydration. On a deeper level, it works along side Collagen and Elastin, endowing the skin with elasticity and turgor. The anti-oxidant and anti-free radical properties of Watermelon and Raspberry oils, and Vitamins A and E that protect the skin from the degenerative processes of aging while Walmut husk and Karanja oil bring out the utmost bright tan.

After Sun Care For the Face Neck and Decolletage

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