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Helan's anti aging body care line features the latest in skin care science so that it becomes more than just a massage oil, bath salt or lotion, it actually starts to replace what your skin starts to lose at it ages. Each product in the line is specific to an area of the body or an aging concern. Because of the deep penetrating nature of the ingredients (which is needed to actually do the work), ingredients are scrutinized. Not only are all products tested 100% free of Nickel, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Aluminum and Tin (ingredients which do not need to be listed since they are considered contaminants). Harmful preservatives like Sodium Benzaote, Parabens, Quaterniums, EDTA and PEG's are kept out, as well as fillers like mineral oil, lanolin and petroleum byproducts. Each product in the Helan Line is highly concentrated with each bottle or jar being the equivalent of up to three of a comparable brand. firm and thin abdomen and toned and smooth buttocks firming effect An innovative formula for a specific goal! A CREAM GEL rich in sebum-similar oils with a nourishing and regenerating action. These oils encourage distribution and absorbance and highlight the effectiveness of the stimulating and invigorating vegetable* extracts. Pomegranate, Green tea, Red vine and Wild yam: phyto extracts, active toners Chlorella, a single-celled marine algae, which stimulates growth and repair of tissues slowing down aging. Olive oil, Grape Seed oil and Olive butter: nourishing and regenerating, thanks to their important non-saponifiable reaction, rich in tocopherols, carotenoids and phytosterols, they stimulate the regeneration of the skin and consequently increase hydration and elasticity. Vitamins A and E, pre-eminently the anti-ageing vitamins, anti-oxidants and anti-free radicals, with distinct regenerating properties they are the base ingredients of the Invigorating Cream Gel with distinct reshaping properties to thin down the waist, make the relaxed abdomen firmer and push

Anti-aging Body Care Line Reshaping Cream Invigorating Gel Treatment

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