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"Anti-Wrinkle Skinfood: a well-balanced formula targeted as an energizing for face, neck and décolleté"

A well-balanced formula targeted as an energizing anti-wrinkle cream that gives skin back the right balance, rendering it more toned and firm.Glycine, sugars and a Bearberry complex, Rosehip extract, rich in Vitamin C, help reduce Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid degradation.Argan oil as well as Karitè wax and butter release the utmost nourishment to skin tissue thanks to the high presence of essential fatty acids, important components of cell membrane phospholipids: an ultra efficient reconstruction of the skin’s barrier is carried out, favoring skin elasticity.SKINFOOD gives an immediate sense of wellness, improving tone and preserving smooth, silky soft skin.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Skin Food Facial Cream Women and Men 40+ years Old

SKU: 09S40
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