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"New vigour and youth in this impalpable, super energetic concentrate for face, neck and décolleté"

The Lifting Serum is an instant-effect, fluid that goes on pleasantly, a real concentration of substances for a double action:- Immediate Lifting: thanks to the presence of a vegetable-based compound with tensorial properties, an ultra-thin film is instantly formed on the skin that is elastic and resistant, smoothening small wrinkles and alleviating signs of fatigue for a noticeable improvement in the way skin looks and feels.- Regenerating and firming: the association of bioflavonoids from Grape seeds, Wild yam and red Grape, especially rich in polyphenols and phytoestrogens, and *Lipoaminoacid, counteracts free radicals responsible for skin aging, thus aiding the formation of Collagen and Elastin, real support structures of the skin responsible for skin elasticity and turgor.The toning action of this pleasant SERUM may be enjoyed from the first application. It brings out all its high performance with daily use, enriching the skin with substance and firmness.

Anti-Aging Skin Lifting Serum for Women and Men over 50 Years Old

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