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"Restructuring treatment for mature skin"


BIO-60 Redensifying cream is a concentration of specific, active ingredients targeted at helping skin regeneration and counteracting skin relaxation and dehydration, accelerated by hormonal changes, thanks to the inclusion of:
• Pomegranate and red Vine extracts
• Essential OligomineralsCopper, IronMagnesiumSilicon and Zinc, indispensable in numerous biological functions, releasing the necessary energy to supply nourishment and vitality to the skin, favoring tissue regeneration
• Lipoaminoacids
• Olive oil and butter as well as Karitè wax
• Vitamins A.C.E.

RIGENERA BIO-60 Precious Redensifying is HELAN’s new cosmetic specialty that helps slow down the intrinsic skin aging process, giving the skin elasticity and consistency once again.

Anti-Aging Skin re-densifying cream for Women and Men over 60 Years Old

SKU: 09R60
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