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"This especially rich creamy formula smoothening the face, neck and décolleté that appears fresher, brighter and firmer"

By day the skin fights atmospheric aggressors such as UV radiation and smog…finally, at night and during sleep, it can recharge and regenerate its tissues.

HELAN has created REGENERATING BIO-50 to aid in this biological upswing, normally delayed with aging. The heart of the product is made up of:
• Lipoaminoacids
• a combination of bioflavonoids from Grape seedsred Vine and Wild yam, ultra rich in polyphenols and phytoestrogens,
• Avocado and Passion flower oils as well as Karitè butter
• Vitamins C and E

This especially rich, creamy formula sinks into the surface of the skin and acts deeply, smoothening the skin that, right from the first application, appears fresher, brighter and firmer.

Night after night it nourishes, protects and re-enforces the skin, ensuring a surplus of active energy to counteract skin aging.

Anti-Aging Skin RIGENERA bio-50 Women and Men 50+ Years Old Night Cream

SKU: 09R50
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