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Effective Cellulite treatment NEEDS to: 1. Manipulate the blood flow (increases lymph drainage, gets the product down deep where cellulite is in the most natural way possible) 2. Manipulate temperature - hot drains/cold is lympholytice ("slices" fat cells) Any other treatment without those two principles actually just conditions the skin above the cellulite and makes no real progess. Because this treatment line is meant to get where cellulite lies - deep under the skin - ingredient formulation has to be meticulous. No toxic preservatives, fillers, PEG's, Sulfates, Artifical dyes or fragrances. "Heater" products within this line are meant to be put on in the morning - keep in mind that this is medicinal and meant to work, not smell perfume-y. Cooling lines are meaA Cooling effect with Green seaweeds of Brittany, Spiruline and Chlorella, extracts: Acerola, Caffeine, Coleus, Guarana, Bush clover, Sweet clover, Butcher’s broom and Camphor essential oils of: Cinnamon, Tarragon, Fennel, Lemon, Mandarin, Mint, Grapefruit, Rosemary, Garden Savory and Camphor By lowering the temperature, the Ice Effect provokes shrinking of blood vessels followed by a reaction of expansion of blood vessels which stimulates blood circulation and therefore slows down orange peel skin formation as well as reducing swelling and tiredness of legs. This is a unique formula ideal for the concentration of natural active ingredients with several vegetable oils and esters which encourage circulation: - To drain stagnant liquids - To maintain weight - To fight liberal radicals and regularly improve elasticity of tissues A triple action which linked to the Ice Effect, allows draining active ingredients to be better and quicker absorbed powered by stimulating essential oils which encourage consumption of fats contained in adipose cells. An antioxidant cream with regenerating properties which acts widely to fight loss of tone effectively as well as cellulite. For a silky skin and compact tissues.

Anti-Cellulite Strategy Antioxidant Regenerating Toning Cream

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