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Effective Cellulite treatment NEEDS to: 1. Manipulate the blood flow (increases lymph drainage, gets the product down deep where cellulite is in the most natural way possible) 2. Manipulate temperature - hot drains/cold is lympholytice ("slices" fat cells) Any other treatment without those two principles actually just conditions the skin above the cellulite and makes no real progess. Because this treatment line is meant to get where cellulite lies - deep under the skin - ingredient formulation has to be meticulous. No toxic preservatives, fillers, PEG's, Sulfates, Artifical dyes or fragrances. easy to apply - completely absorbed ideal for a quick treatment Very quick and practical, it is ideal for anyone who loves the toning effect and complete absorbance. This product focuses on the effects of a hot and cold action which are visible with an improvement in draining liquids and microcirculation and make the use of this formula complementary to that of the Toning Cream prepared with active ingredients in synergy. The Sauna effect, through the action of the heat, encourages blood vessels to expand and to absorb active ingredients with lypolitic action and to speed up elimination of fats. Its action promoting expansion of blood vessels can provoke typical skin redness with slight hitching sensations. The action of red seaweeds of Brittany, Lithothamnium, Palmaria and Chondrus, active ingredients of Aromacology and the Vegetable Extracts are all allies in this creamy Mud with a high level of absorbance to fight effectively cellulite blemishes. Peel-off In this particular formula, the exfoliating action of the PCA Carnitine has been used which is able to regularly remove dead skin cells and get the skin in excellent conditions to absorb the active ingredients of the product with a gentle and regular action every day. An exclusive formula that fights cellulite blemishes and at the same time guarantees a peeling effect in order to always have a smooth and perfect skin.

Anti-Cellulite Strategy Peel Off Intensive Mud Cream Sauna Effect

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