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maidenhair extract for oily or greasy hair with dandruff normalizing Sebum Balancing There may be too much sebum production in the hair if it dirties quickly and is once again oily and heavy after just a couple of days without washing. Though this condition may depend on diet, hormones or hereditary factors it is often aggravated by the use of harsh shampoos that stimulate the glands to overwork. The use of Nettle, Ivy and Watercress Shampoo is particularly helpful in these situations to cleanse the hair delicately without harming the scalp and supply normalizing, sebum balancing substances. A perfect cleanser for the dermis, delicate yet effective, free from SLS, SLES**, preservatives* and coloring.

Capelvenere Nettle Ivy and Watercress Shampoo For Oily Dandruff

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