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Helan's Capelvenere Thinning Hair program is a great, toxin free way to deal with thinning hair. Free of preservatives like Parabens, Quaterniums, Sodium Benzoate, PEG and Methylisothiazolinone th andat can actually harm the skin and hair follicles. Sulfates have contamination problems and should not be used to create the suds in shampoos, especially when you are trying to rebuild the health of the hair follicles. Very common, contaminants can come into the formulation, through production, milling and even the harvesting of natural materials in personal care products. Contaminants like Nickel, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Tin and Aluminum can be found in products but will never be listed on the ingredient list because they were not purposely put in there. Instead, the only way to be sure that the formulation is free of contaminants is to test for their presence. The term "nickel tested" for instance means that the company has tested the personal care products are they are found to be free of Nickel. Helan tests for 6 common contaminants. Helan formulates their products very concentrated with jars/bottles equal to three times comparable brands. With Three Vitamin and Five Minerals, maidenhair extract, Chilli Pepper, Minerals Cu, Mg, Fe, Si and Zn Vitamins B5, H and PP These lotions contain three Vitamins: D-Panthenol Nicotinamide and Biotin, to bring essential nourishment to the hair. The action of Vitamins has been noticeably enhanced by the synergetic combination of a bio-ferment that comes from Red Chilly Pepper maceration with yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), for a marked increase in microcirculation; whereas Mineral Salts, essential in numerous biological processes such as enzyme reactions at the heart of vitamin assimilation, improve hair follicle nourishment.

Capelvenere Revitalizing Lotion 12 Vial Set For Thinning Hair

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