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"Formulated to cleanse the hair gently without depleting the scalp."


This Shampoofree from SLS, SLES and colorings, it contains renormalizing and sebum-balancing substances:
Watercress extract, delivering sulphur and nitrogen compounds, which are able to rebalance the activity of sebaceous glands
Ivy extract and Lemon essential oil, performing a lightly-astringent and protective action
Nettle extract, whose use in cosmetics dates back to ancient times because of its proven anti-dandruff and sebaceous gland re-mineralizing properties, deriving from its high content of vitamins, tannins and phytosterols
> a complex of Vitamins B3, B6, H and sweet Almond proteins, balancing the activity of sebaceous glands by decreasing their secretory activity and performing a purifying and re-normalizing action on oily hair.


Nettle Ivy and Watercress Dandruf Shampoo for Greasy or Oily Dandruff

SKU: 63O
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