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This Anti-Dandruff BioShampoo carries out its function exceptionally well, performing an effective but delicate action, in that it combines a natural cleansing base, free from SLS, SLES and colorings, featuring scalp skin re-acidifying properties, with extracts from Boswellia and Ginger roots, red Vine fruit and french Oak wood, with astringent and dermo-purifying properties, helping the hair follicle combat “Malassezia furfur” - the cause of microflora imbalances – and thus reduce scaling and itching.
In addition, Niaouli essential oil, with its powerful action, creates a hostile environment for bacterial growth, which is responsible for scalp inflammation and consequent scaling.
It is ideal for targeted cleansing, as can be expected from a product of this kind, and a sebum-regulating and soothing action, leading to a significant reduction in scaling and itching.

Oakwood and Naiouli Dandruff Treatment Shampoo for Dry Hair

SKU: 63T
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