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Dehydrated skin is different than dry skin and absolutely needs to be treated different.
In line with the idea that skin care should be customized (Helan considered 9 different skin types), this line is formulated to replace the hydration on the skin, not the oils.
Putting dry skin treatment on dehydrated skin actually dries the skin out even more!!!
Highly concentrated. This line features products that last up to three times longer than comparable brandsr skin is constantly renewing itself. New fresh cells are born from the deepest layers and gradually migrate to the surface, losing water and brightness during its journey. This process slows down with age so dead skin cells stay on the surface longer, looking dull and rough. To speed up the skin renewal, Helan formulated this delicate exfoliating gel to remove impurities, get rid of the dead skin cells at the surface of the skin, speed up skin renew al and bring out smoother, more toned and brighter looking skin. Helan’s formulation uses PCA Carnitine , a delicate exfoliator which is non-aggressive and non-irritating – both properties that actually accelerate the aging process – and is therefore suitable for even the most sensitive skin for noticeable improvement in skin tone and smoothness. Hyaluronic Acid creates an ultra-fine film on the skin that inhibits dehydration and is also one of the most effective barriers against water loss. This delicate exfoliating gel when used twice a week or less will bring back a youthful, moisturized look.

Dehydrated Skin Care Exfoliating Gel

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