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A special, double-acting formula for the face for a naturally bright, smooth, flawless complexion:

DELICATE EXFOLIATION thanks to the gentle, mechanical action of Rice powder, the skin is able to better absorb targeted active ingredients once it has been freed of impurities.

MOISTURE and NOURISHMENT the ultra-soft texture, with the richness of Olive oil and butter, the highly moisturizing action of Aloe vera juice, the high amount of mucilage in Mallow extract and sugars in Tamarind, performs impeccably.

Rice powder delicately smoothens, thinning the corneal layer of the skin and gently removing impurities.

Helan’s DELICATE PEELING MASK therefore ensures light exfoliation, a caress on the skin to free it of dead cells and stimulate skin oxygenation.

Dry Skin Delicate Peeling Mask

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