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Helan's Emozione Blu Line is a lightly, clean fragrance to invoke the feelings of being near the sea. With lighter scents of Algae mixed in balance with Jasmine and Violet that waft a gorgeous oceanic scent. Base notes of Haitian Vetiver and Atlantic Cedar give this fragrance a masculine scent without being overpowering. Helan's line of Personal care products features formulations free of toxins like aldehydes (common in men's cologne), parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, petroleum by products, lanolin and silicon - just a clean formulation for healthy skin and hair All lines of Helan feature highly concentrated products with each bottle or jar being the equivalent of 3 of comparable brands. Exceptionally fine and creamy, this foam softens facial hair and allows the razor to glide more smoothly for an effective, irritation-free, impeccable shave. This ultra-delicate formula minimizes razor burn and reddening thanks to a-bisabolol, aloe vera juice and chamomile flower extract, offering effective relief for even the most sensitive skin.

Emozione Blu Mens Shaving Foam with Aloe Vera and Chamomile

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