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wet & dry with micro-ventilated corn starch powder

A complete palette of products of biological origin that enhance the eye thanks to a fusion of captivating contrasts. The application of this new technology (Baked / cooked) allows to obtain powders with the best characteristics of smoothness, compactness, homogeneity, ca peaces to offer excellent expression of color. HELAN's Cooked Matte Eyeshadows, made with a selected mix of micronized minerals and micro-ventilated corn starch, offer maximum hold with a natural, dry and light finish, which does not weigh down the eyelids: they release the transparency of color and brightness satin finish of the particular blend of ingredients and targeted pigments. The formulation makes use of the contribution of light oils that give softness to the touch with a touch dry, silky for easy application, excellent smoothness in setting and maximum yield in application, without having to resort to the use of silicones that would form an occlusive film on the skin. The final effect is similar to that obtained with free powders but with the practicality of use of compact powder. Use: the texture, similar to velvet, is suitable for wet & dry use: wet for a more evident color rendering, dry to offer a natural finish characterized by a more transparent color and a more satin brightness. Easy to use, they blend without staining and are characterized by an exceptional hold, especially in the wet application

Helan Baked Eyeshadow Set - For Warm Tones

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