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PROTECT BABY's DELICATE SKIN EVEN MORE IN THE LAUNDRY and BOTTLE /DISH CLEANING: - Environmentally Friendly - Vegetable Surfactants for Gentle yet Effective Cleansing - No Petroluem ByProducts - No Lanolin - No Sulfates - No Parabens - Certified 100% Free of Nickel, Aluminum, Lead, Mercury, Chromium and Tin - No Methyisothiazolinone/Methylisoclorothiazolinone/Quaterniums/PEG's - Eco Friendly and Fair Trade Ingredients Who would give up the softness and luscious scent of freshly cleaned laundry? HELAN’s innovative Fluffy Fabric Softener brings baby’s delicate clothing and terry-cloth fibres back to life, for fluffy, light laundry. It also reduces static electricity and gets rid of limestone residue for easier ironing.

Helan Bollicine Fabric Softener for Infant and Toddler SKin

SKU: 36A
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