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maidenhair extract for hair with dandruff and flaking Soothing and Anti-sebum producing actions. Dandruff is made up of tiny white scales formed due to accelerated cellular exchange in the scalp as well as sebaceous gland hyperactivity. Slight amounts of Pityrosporum ovalis is usually present in the dandruff area which is believed to be responsible for the inflammatory reaction of the skin that causes a further increase in cellular proliferation as well as an alteration in pH. Conifer wood and bark Shampoo takes care of the problem well with effective yet delicate action from its natural cleansing base, free from SLS, SLES**, preservatives* and colouring, associated with a pool of essential oils obtained by distilling Fir, Pine, Larch wood and bark which is slightly astringent, whereas the anti-dandruff activity is strictly linked to the synergetic action of undecilenic acid condensed with an essential amino-acid, Glycine. The natural lipophilic (undecilenic acid)/hydrophilic (glycine) nature of this compound allows it to penetrate deeply and re-acidify the scalp, making it unsuitable for the bacterial growth that causes the inflammation and consequent flaking.

Helan Capelvenere Conifer Wood and Bark Anti Dandruff Shampoo

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