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"To help remove dead cells, dust, microparticles, etc. and moisturize the scalp in one single gesture."


HELAN R&D lab has developed this extremely delicate Anti-Pollution Exfoliator, designed to:
• PURIFY, through the Moringa oleifera seeds, performing an anti-polluting action
• PROTECT FROM OXIDATION, through the Argania spinosa and Yerba santa leaves, with their high content of phenolic compounds and glycoproteins, defending scalp skin cells against accelerated oxidation.
Coconut fibers and Carnitine PCAthe gentle exfoliating agent par excellence, non-aggressive, non-irritant and suitable for the most sensitive scalp skins, for a visible improvement perform a delicate exfoliating action on scalp and the Coconut oil leaving scalp skin looking luminous and feeling soft.
The Exfoliator accelerates the cell renewal process and achieves smoother, firmer and more luminous scalp skin that remains effectively cleaner for longer and oiliness is decreased, while hair feels lighter

Helan Capelvenere Detox and Anti Pollution Hair and Scalp Bioexfoliator

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