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Helan Couperose Skin Care Soothing Micellar water with bilberrySensitive, delicate skin with couperose needs special attention and protection. Defenses must be increased due to its fragility avoiding the use of soap or intensive gommage entirely as they weaken the hydrolipidic film.SOOTHING MICELLAR WATER, with a watery base, is essential to accurately remove make up and impurities from the skin without altering its natural hydro-lipidic balance.Soothing Micellar Water profits from the calming action of a concentration of plants including Blueberry and Escin, main active ingredient in Chestnut, optimal in dealing with fragile capillaries, for targeted, effective treatment of hypersensitive skin to decrease reddening of the face.

Helan Couperose Skin Care Micellar water

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