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Italians have been known for skin are for centuries. Creating targeted lines that only give the skin what it needs and leaving harmfull fillers out. Highly concentrated so that each jar/bottle lasts three times longer than other brands
Crepey skin is different and up to now, it had always been something that skin care specialists dreaded, because so much of the underlying tissues had been damaged beyond repair that little to no help could be given,
A breakthrough in the knowledge of minerals and their ability to help restructure the skin launched this line of targeted skin care that is clinically proven to make a difference.
Crepey skin can come with age, but the most common reasons for crepey skin are excess sun damage and using the wrong skin care (irritating skin care, skin care not properly pH balanced and agressive skin treatments).
All skin should be treated with care, absolutely avoiding the use of soaps and intense gommage that diminish the hydrolipidic film.
HELAN’s Biphasic Cleansing Oil is ideal in the morning to get the skin ready and guarantee its utmost comfort.
The formula is enriched with dermo-purifying Moringa oleifera extract and slightly astringent distilled damask Rose water, further enhanced with Jojoba and Rice oils that optimize skin oxygenation for bright, radiant looking skin.

Helan Gold Facial Care Line Biphasic Oil

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