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This fluid emulsion is prepared exclusively with a base of vegetable waxes and oils. Among these is a high percentage (10%) of Rice oil, rich in tocopherols, to reinforce the hydrolipid film that is more fragile through pollution, for gentle yet effective cleansing, fully respecting even the most sensitive skin.
The dermo-purifying properties of Moringa oleifera and essential oils of bitter Orange and Melissa, along with the slightly astringent properties of distilled damask Rose water, make an ultra delicate make up removing product.
This special formula:
- Eliminates smog and environmental dusts, lipids oxidized by ultraviolet rays, impurities and make up thoroughly.
- Purifies the skin without dilating the pores.
- Respects the hydrolipidic film, leaving the skin soft and pleasant.
- Brightens and moisturizes the skin for a surprisingly fresh feel.
The pleasure of water found once again.

Helan Crepey Skin Care Breakthrough Emulsion Cleanser Make Up Remover

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