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This MOISTURIZING CREAM acts on various levels to safeguard the skin’s precious treasure of moisture.

Thanks to the extraordinary qualities of triple action Hyaluronic Acid with a range of molecular weight that goes from high to low, it limits water evaporation by forming an invisible film on the surface of the skin that forms a barrier to dehydration, whereas deep down, together with Collagen and Elastin, the product works to maintain skin elasticity and turgor to counteract wrinkle formation.
The use of Glycosaminoglycans enriches the formula further with their extraordinary ability to adhere water, combined with the mucilage extracted from Baobab leaves as well as a natural complex of Honey, exceptional at avoiding water loss and reinforcing intracellular cohesion.

To top it all off, nourishing Grape seed oilKaritè wax and Vitamin E protect the skin from the degenerating processes of aging.
To protect from Hev (High-Energy Visible-Light), so-called Blue LightHELAN studied a particular formulation technology to protect against damage derived from Hev radiation.

Helan Dehydrated Skin Care 24 Hour Hydrating cream

SKU: 09H
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