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The light texture of this Fluid Lotion gives a touch of silky freshness to the skin, right from the first application, for more turgor, vitality and exceptional smoothness, thanks to the essential amino acids therein contained. In addition, the perfect synergy among the vegetable-based active ingredients makes this FLUID LOTION ideal in counteracting and repairing the characteristic blemishes of sensitive, easily irritated skin:

Echinacea angustifolia and Escin, active ingredient from Horse Chestnut, have decongestant and anti-oxidizing properties

Barley seed wax, rich in linoleic acid, is essential for skin barrier regeneration, ideal in treating sensitive, easily irritated skin as well as protecting it from allergic reactions

- the new combination of sugars smoothens the skin surface to guarantee intense moisturizing.

Helan Delicate and Sensitive SKin Care Anti-Wrinkle Fluid Repair Lotion

SKU: 04F
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