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Made with the best protection for delicate, easily irritated skin in mind. This cream contains the highly protective, soothing action of 18-ß-Glyrrhetic acid, active ingredient in Liquorice, as well as Centella asiatica and Garçinia mangostana extracts.

The addition of a new combination of sugars to the product, smoothens the skin surface to guarantee intense moisturizing while the nourishing, healing properties of Argan oil and Barley seed wax, rich in essential fatty acids and a high unsaponifiable fraction, aid skin barrier regeneration with the resulting increase in skin elasticity.

The special sun filter is effective and safe, protecting the skin from harmful rays (Daily Defence cream) to fight against the signs of time, maintaining a healthy, colourful complexion.

Helan Delicate and Sensitive Skin Care DD Daily Defense Skin Care

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