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Sensitive, delicate skin must be treated gently due to its fragility, thus avoiding soaps that strip the precious hydro-lipidic film.

This delicate MAKE-UP REMOVER MICELLAR LOTION is therefore essential in cleansing the skin of impurities without harshness.

This gentle, water-based micellar formula accurately removes traces of make-up, smog and dust in one move, without altering the skin’s natural, hydro-lipidic balance.

It contains micro-particles called micelles, molecular agglomerations that form numerous, small globules of surfactants: thanks to these, make-up can be delicately removed from face and eyes quickly  while gentle cleansing and skin toning is carried out at the same time.

This MAKE-UP REMOVER MICELLAR LOTION has the soothing, calming actions of a concentration of plant extracts. Among these Centella asiatica , Liquorice and Butcher's Broom effectively target the skin’s hyper-reactivity, dulling and easing facial reddening.

Helan Delicate Skin Care Line Micellar Cleanser and Make Up Remover

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