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"Moisturising Nourishing Anti-wrinkle, a precious make-up base, with a unique consistency, which is fresh, light and quickly absorbed by the skin"


Essentia allows an even distribution of the rebalancing agents and gives a fresh feeling of well-being and luminosity.
It keeps the skin incredibly young and radiant reducing signs of ageing with a triple action:

The original association of royal Jelly and organic Rosehip Mellite, rich in sugars and natural amino acids, retains large quantities of water, restoring freshness and brightness to the facial complexion.

To ensure, thanks to the special formula rich in organic sweet AlmondRosehip and Grapeseed oils as well as the protein substances of the royal Jelly, optimum nutrition to encourage the fast reformation of the skin barrier, restoring smoothness and fullness.

To protect, with suitable UV filter, the skin structures from the wrinkling effect of the sun rays and restore elasticity and tone thanks to the properties of the extracts of Ivy and Hops.

Helan Linea Dolcezza Essentia Viso Day and Night Beauty Cream

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