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"An effervescent bouquet to light up your imagination and spark the joy of living"

bright, lively touch, a dab of fizzy lightnessCalabrian Bergamot and Sicilian Lemons are released in an instant and, like an icy drink, give an initial burst of warmth. They are then seconded and evolve into bubbly, vibrant hues Florida Grapefruit.
These soon give way to the diffused scent of sea Algae to evoke and bring to mind the deepest seas, sea breezes, the smell of the sea.
A light, airy whiff, marine-ozone heart notes, clear, aquatic touches that unfold into a flowery accord of Egyptian Jasmine.  A soft, warm sensation ever so slightly refined by a delicate touch of Violet.
The end notes give way to forest smells and woody, arboreal vegetation: vigorous Atlantic Cedar roots, linked to the silkiness of Musks on a boisè base where decisively male Haitian Vetiver releases its deepest aroma, creating a wholesome scent that is balanced, vigorous, and utmost fresh.

Helan Emozione Blu Eau de Toilette Italian Cologne for Men

SKU: 28E5
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