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Helan's Emozione Blu Line is a lightly, clean fragrance to invoke the feelings of being near the sea. With lighter scents of Algae mixed in balance with Jasmine and Violet that waft a gorgeous oceanic scent. Base notes of Haitian Vetiver and Atlantic Cedar give this fragrance a masculine scent without being overpowering. Helan's line of Personal care products features formulations free of toxins like aldehydes (common in men's cologne), parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, petroleum by products, lanolin and silicon - just a clean formulation for healthy skin and hair All lines of Helan feature highly concentrated products with each bottle or jar being the equivalent of 3 of comparable brands.. Rich and creamy but not greasy, this fine emulsion sinks into the skin instantly bringing all the nourishing, silkening properties found in the pool of active ingredients and vegetable oils that make it unique. Enriched with Olive and Grape seed oils, Ginkgo biloba and Ginseng, it is most appreciated when prolonged sun exposure dries the skin out, making it rough. Give yourself a light massage to bring body and soul back to life again. Ideal used as a moisturizer after shaving or depilation for athletes as well as on feet and ankles for a light, pleasant feeling when the day is hottest. Glides onto the skin leaving it silky soft, cacooned in a bubbly cocktail of citrus and marine breezes that blend into an exotic base of musk and Cedar wood.

Helan Emozione Blue Water On the Skin Mens body Lotion

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