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"An Eau de Parfum of soft, alluring trails"


playful, exuberant fragrance that develops from the prelude of bubbling, natural, fresh scents Sicilian Orange, enlivened by the fruity notes of Blueberry shoots, Blackberry bramble, and Raspberry to evolve into fresh, effervescent of Cassis berries and leaves absolute. It then encounters the warm, sensual notes of Musk and Northern Lichens.
Enhanced with a kiss of Sandalwood give life to an irresistible, pleasantly malicious compound that lasts.
An Eau de Parfum of soft, alluring trails whose fruity notes accord with delicate flowers to arouse inebriating, natural, bare emotions.

Helan Fiori Radici Frutti - Mora Muschio (Blackberry Musk) Eau de Parfum

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