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Intensive, elasticizing treatment specifically formulated to:

 prevent skin slackening provoked by broken collagen and elastin fibers

 stimulate tissue repair

 firm up skin again

 lessen signs and marks during pregnancy and the post-partum period, on all high risk areas: breasts, arms, belly, waist, upper thighs, buttocks.

Thanks to an innovative invigorating elasticizing active complex, exclusively of vegetable origin, made up of particular plants and sweet Almond and Argan oils combined with Karitè wax, rich in essential fatty acids, that nourish and soften the skin while Vitamins C and E, with their strong anti-oxidant action, inhibit free radical formation.

Helan Linea Mamma Anti Stretch Mark Cream Shock Treatment for Breast, Belly

SKU: 38E
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