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Hyaluronic Acid Jojoba and sweet Almond oils Karitè butter Natural inspiration and minerals for this light emulsion for the face that blends perfectly with the skin for an even, blemish free complexion. HELAN’s Blemish Balm Cream is the perfect combination of make-up and skin treatment, for an effective all-in-one product with a myriad of actions. The texture and quick absorption leave an even, natural looking colour for non-shiny, smooth, elastic, velvety skin. The formula is enhanced with precious vegetable oils that delight the senses with their special features: a light, dry touch for a pleasant feeling of firmness and turgor without being weighed down. Hyaluronic Acid, well noted for its moisturizing qualities, brings out the most of the oils’ actions, makes this a real unique, one of a kind cream. An ultra-light, evanescent consistency gives the gift of beauty, for a natural, even complexion that is bright yet void of unsightly shine.

Helan Monoi de Tahiti Paraben Free Medium Protection BB Cream - Miti

SKU: 77BB2
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