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SCENTED STICKS Reed Stick Diffusers help characterize any room with a scent of strong personality that spreads out into pleasant, delicate notes, allowing us to indulge in the time spent at home, getting back precious physical and psychological energy The essential base of HELAN's Mora & Muschio Scented Stick Diffuser is the careful chosen and skilled mixture of fragrances, carefully selected and studied to guarantee intense fragrances that last. How to use it: the scent emanates through the reed sticks, immersed in a scented solution. They constantly absorb and naturally disperse this smell upward. Turn the reed sticks over occasionally to revive perfume intensity Ideal for bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, living rooms and any beauty or wellness area

Helan Mora E Muschio Blackberry Musk Scented Diffusing Oil and Sticks

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