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"Moisturizing for the body, with its discreet, captivating scent"

The perfect combination of mucillage extracted from strongly moisturizing Marsh-mallow root and highly antioxidizing Alkekengi berries, rich in Vitamin C. It also contains sweet Almond oil, with its noticeable presence of fatty acids, and Vitamin E, an effective anti-free radical that carries out soothing-emollient effects.
Rice microspheres, targeted texturizing agents, are paired with the pleasant, silky feeling of whose lightness and velvety softness glide sweetly onto the skin.
Enhanced with the harmonious mix that pleasantly develop, naturally, to blend into and envelop the skin with its discreet, captivating scent.

Helan Muschio Bianco White Musk Moisturizing Fluid Milk Lotion

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