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Helan's Exclusive line of personal care products aare formulated to be free ofHarmful preservatives such as parabens, PEG's, Quaterniums, and Methylisothiazolinone, along with harmful fillers such as petroleum byproducts, mineral oil, siliones and lanolin. Each batch is specifically tested 100% free of contaminants like Lead, Nickel, Mercury, Cadmium, Tin and Aluminum (all of which do not need to be listed in an ingredient list since they are contaminants) THe Helan line is highly concentrated with jars and bottles lasting up to three times longer than other brands For Radiant and Bright Skin. With enzymes extracted from the fruit of the Pomegranate, Crambe and Pomegranate oils, Olive butter and Beeswax and Vitamin E This cream, rich but with a light texture, evanescent, is able to effectively counteract redness and cracking with a dual action: ✓ Nourishing Protective Barrier effect thanks to the presence of Olive butter and Beeswax that lie on the hands as a “thin protective glove” preventing direct skin contact with external agents and the properties of Crambe and Pomegranate oils, eutrophics and stimulants of skin functions. ✓ Emollient Dermo-purifying by virtue of the enzymes produced from the fermentation of the skins and seeds of the fruit of the Pomegranate. The enzymes extracted, delicate exfoliating, remove the outer layer of dead skin cells and counteract dryness and cracking for beaming, bright hands. How to use it: spread with care, in small doses, on the back and palm of the hands with a gentle massage. It is easily absorbed without leaving any greasy feel. This formula is especially suitable for dry, sensitive, easily reddened skin. orthodermic pH paraben free

Helan Naturals Melagrana (Italian for Pomegranate) Hand Cream

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