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"A large, important tree rich in herbal properties and symbolism... nature’s real powerhouse"

An initial, bright and bubbly note of Mediterranean citrus: BergamotLemon and Tangerine blends with the delicateness of Petitgrain and the flowery climax of Clary Sage, giving the fragrance a fresh, dynamic prelude to the balance accomplished in the heart of this exciting scent.

The vibrant onset mellows into the soothing smell of Elemi galvanized by a dash of Black Pepper and Ginger Root with a touch of Bourbon Geranium leaves to balance out on the wake of white Fir.

The intense, persistent background of fougère is further refined by the smell of PatchouliHaitian Vetiver and Sandalwood, rounded out by the soft, amber notes for an unmistakable, distinct smell.

Helan Naturals Olmo ( Italian for Elm) Fragranced for Men Eau de Toilette

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