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"A fragrance that should unredeservedly please, must give off fresh heady notes characteristic of Lemon, Bergamot, Cedar"

A fragrance that should unredeservedly please, must give off fresh heady notes characteristic of Lemon, BergamotCedar, witch turns on one’s energy, joy of life and then gradually it passed on to spicy hints and exotic tones that set your fantasy alight, enhance one’s glamour and eventually leaves a trail of warm and sensual colors, wood fragrance that recalls the maturity of an intense life, full of charm, all to be discovered.

It offers a complete bouquet appearing with a fresh sensation, lightly orange-like, and almost immediately reveals its spiced trend, made more and more stimulating by the black pepper essence.

And again spices, sweetened by the light perfumes of Jasmine and Mimosa, are the elements forming the heart of this Eau de Toilette, with transforms itself progressively towards the precious wood aromas of the Haiti Vetiver harmonized to the warm colours of Rum.

Helan Vetiver and Rum Eau de Toilette For Men

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