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Helan's Exclusive line of personal care products are formulated to be free of Harmful preservatives such as parabens, PEG's, Quaterniums, and Methylisothiazolinone, along with harmful fillers such as petroleum byproducts, mineral oil, siliones and lanolin.
Each batch is specifically tested 100% free of contaminants like Lead, Nickel, Mercury, Cadmium, Tin and Aluminum (all of which do not need to be listed in an ingredient list since they are contaminants)
THe Helan line is highly concentrated with jars and bottles lasting up to three times longer than other brands.

From the sun, the best for your beauty
For Phototypes I and 2-Blonde for renlight, particularly sensitive skin fair hair and eyes, for the first days of sun exposure
Helan's SPF 50+ protective Sun Cream ensures protec tion while offering a completely safe progressive tan Thanks to the balanced, synergetic action of this innorative system, made up of complementary UV filters, this bigbly effective, stable 50+ cream protects against both UVB and UVA rays. The first are responsible for skin reddening and burns whereas the latter for premature skin aging.
Enriched with Rice bran oil and Vitamin E. this formula is especially indicated to prevent skin red dening and irritation wbile the unique Monoi de Tahiti gives the product its exclusive, pleasant scent Combined with its smoothening, protective, softening properties, it adds agreeability to effectiveness.
This Sun Cream comes in a delectable sebum-similar emulsion that is non-greasy, stainless and pleasant to spread. It is soft and delicate on the skin, easy to apply and water resistant. It also does not leave any while traces, typical of high protection sun products. How to use : apply evenly to the most delicate
parts of the body face, neck, décolleté, In order to maintain their original level of protection, sun products must be reapplied frequently, especially after swimming in the sea or pool

Helan Volgliadisole Monoi de Tahiti SPF50 Sun Cream

SKU: 77S50
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