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"Daily Treatment for the Face Cleansing"

This fluid emulsion has been prepared from a base containing waxes and vegetable oils only, including a high percentage of organic Sweet Almond oil and Karitè waxes, having high skin affinity and therefore performing an effective and yet gentle cleansing action, suitable for even the most sensitive skins.The softening properties of organic Rosehip Mellite, the skin purifying action of Propolis, and the light astringent action of Hamamelis distilled water ensure extremely delicate make-up removal.Thanks to its unique formulation, this product:- Perfectly removes any excess secretions, impurities, and make-up.- Purifies the skin without causing dilated pores.- Respects the hydrolipidic film, leaving the skin soft and silky.Guaranteed extra-gentle cleansing.Rediscover the pleasure of water.

Linea Dolcezza Facial Cleanser

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