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The use of ingredients designed for the most sensitive and delicate skin types is also advantageous for those with normal, resistant skin. Cleansing products for the most sensitive skin were created to be ultra delicate and free of irritating agents. This means that beyond having a slightly acidic pH, it must have a protein-carbohydrate structure that not only eliminates sebum but preserves and reintegrates its most useful physiological protection. Helan’s Linea Dolcezza Liquid Soap, provided with its pump, is particularly suitable for delicate, daily cleansing of the skin. This ultra- light, gentle formula is enriched with the softening properties of Honey, with its high sugar content, and Propolis, purifying and rebalancing, as well as vegetable cleansing agents that are free of preservatives, dying agents and SLS, SLES. It forms a very light, soft, creamy foam that respects the delicate physiological balance of even the most sensitive skins.

Linea Dolcezza Liquid Soap for Sensitive and Delicate Skin

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