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An expecting mother must be especially careful about exposure to the sun. Though the sun helps produce vitamin D, which the body has a great need for in pregnancy, the exceptional hormonal situation in these months easily provokes persistent spots that tend to last even after birth: the so-called mask of pregnancy chloasma faciei.

• Protects elastin and hyaluronic acid from degradation for its content in Aloe vera juice and Echinacea angustifolia, very rich in bioflavanoids, anti-elastase and anti-hyaluronidase.

• prevents sun damage thanks to Pomegranate extracts, de-pigmenting and photo-protective, as well as an innovative filtering system that is effective and photo-stable, capable of effectively counteracting dark spot formation.

 prevents the formation of free radicals and photo-ageing thanks to the pool of antioxidants that imitate and intensify the skin’s natural defense system, increasing its effectiveness.

This pleasant formula is soft and delicate on the skin with a sumptuous textureNon-greasy with exceptional sebum affinity:

• water resistant as necessary

• easy to apply and traceless.

Pregnancy Line Moisturizing, Anti Dark Spot Face Cream oz

SKU: 38A
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