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"Prima Anti-age, the effective nourishing cream for face, neck and décolleté to counteract initial wrinkles"

Stress and smog can speed up the physiological processes of skin aging. Prompt intervention is essential to counteract initial wrinkles and keep the skin toned and glowing, telltale signs of youth.

This is the mission of “PRIMA”, the effective, nourishing cream developed by HELAN to plan ahead and fight against the appearance of the initial signs of aging.

This formula is pleasant to the touch with a rich yet greaseless texture. Thanks to the combined action of Hydroxyproline, Vitamins A.C.E. and Penthanol, strong antioxidants, as well as Grape seed oils and Karitè wax, eutrophic and revitalizing, it carries out a strong, anti free- radical actions that prevent premature aging of the skin.

Anti-Aging Skin Care Facial Cream Women and Men 30+ years Old

SKU: 09P30
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