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Est 2004

Committed to offering the most scientifically sound natural and organic products and services on the market


With Products ranging from 9 different customized facial skin care to Lice Prevention and Treatment Programs, our retail service offering is curated to offer the best the industry has to offer.  All products are scrutinized for :
* Sustainability
* Cruelty Free
* Free of Harmful Preservatives, Dyes, Fragrances, Fillers and Surfactants
* Eco Friendly
* Fair Trade
* Scientifically Sound Claims (With actual doctors and biotechs involved in formulations


All Products in the Wholesale Line are scrutinized exactly the same way that the RETAIL products are.  In addition we offer full support to specialty stores, spas, yoga studios and natural co-ops across North America.
* Free Training and Product Information
* Market Materials
* No Minimum Orders after the 1st Initial $250 Opening Order


Profiling Beauty's Wellness Studios Operate under the name Fit and Fire Studios.  Each class is expertly led and incorprates ancient Ayurvedic and Traditional Chineses Medicine principles in conjunction with scientifically sound principles in Exercise physiology, Mental Wellness Principles and Medical Offerings.  There are 5 Studios:
* Private Spa and Massage Treatment Studio
* Infrared Heated Hot Room
* Infrared Light Therapy Room with Aerial Yoga and Bungee Fitness Options
* Salt Therapy Room (Salt Cellar)
* Pilates Remedy Room Featuring Aeropilates Machines and Pilates Chairs



With experts in each field, we offer certifications and trainings in multiple modalities
* Product Training
* Spa Service Training
* Yoga Teacher Training (200RYT, 300RYT, Prenatal Yoga, Kids Yoga)
* Pilates Training
* Ayurveda Training
* Massage Therapy (Satellite School Springs Bath House Massage Therapy School)
* Wellness Training


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