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Bath-time is a magical moment indeed. Pour a generous amount in the tub under running water for soft foam that releases its revitalizing, citrusy scent. If time is of the essence, pour a bit of the Bath & Shower Gel on a sponge for a light lather and perfect, quick shower. In either case, what is of the essence is the use of an intensely Scented Bath & Shower Gel, made with vegetable based surfactants, SLS, SLES and preservative free, that cleanses deep down delicately while fully respecting the skin’s balance. Enriched with Ginseng and green Tea extracts as well as sweet Almond proteins to keep the skin toned and revitalized for velvety, silky soft skin ready to be snuggled. A moment of utter relaxation to get rid of fatigue and tension, indulging body and spirit in pleasure.

Vaniglia Vanilla Based Line Verveine Scented Shower Gel, Shampoo and Bath Foam

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