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Effective Cellulite treatment NEEDS to: 1. Manipulate the blood flow (increases lymph drainage, gets the product down deep where cellulite is in the most natural way possible) 2. Manipulate temperature - hot drains/cold is lympholytice ("slices" fat cells) Any other treatment without those two principles actually just conditions the skin above the cellulite and makes no real progess. Because this treatment line is meant to get where cellulite lies - deep under the skin - ingredient formulation has to be meticulous. No toxic preservatives, fillers, PEG's, Sulfates, Artifical dyes or fragrances. "Heater" products within this line are meant to be put on in the morning - keep in mind that this is medicinal and meant to work, not smell perfume-y. Cooling lines are meant to be given at the end of a treatment or at the end of the day. All products within the Helan Line are highly concentrated - with each bottle or jar lasting three times longer than comparable brands. Brown Seaweeds(Laminaria digitata) Red Seaweeds (Lithothamnium and Chondrus crispus) Green Seaweeds (Spirulina) Made according to ancient tradition, this soap is enriched with precious Seaweed from Brittany, a real gem of active ingredients effective in fighting the unsightliness of cellulite. Beyond the richness of the formula itself , a particular, curative point system has been studied in order to allow for an effective massage even in the most cellulite prone areas of the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, under the direct water flow of the shower. Furthermore, thanks to the presence of the seaweed “Chondrus crispus”, there is a draining action as well as a delicate, natural exfoliation to eliminate impurities and smoothen the skin, preparing it for the application of the specific products themselves.

Anti-Cellulite Strategy Lymph Draining Vegetable Massage Soap

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