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A special product that is able to reconstruct damaged areas, closing the hair cuticles and creating a hermetic seal along the entire hair length.
Amaranth, Moringa, Rapeseed and Tung oils promote hair repair, increasing cuticle cohesion and delivering hydration, nourishment and elasticity while Bakuri and Mango butters nourish the hair in depth, create a barrier against humidity and leave the hair feeling supple and elastic.
The proteins extracted from Moringa seeds protect the hair from external stress factors, softening the curls, which become more tamed and defined.
The Precious and Nourishing Oil provides exceptional shine to the hair, sculpting curls and waves into flowing shapes, without making it look stiff. It instantly smoothens frizzy hair, without adding weight, and facilitates long-lasting styling.

Anti Frizz Bio Oil Leave in Hair Repair Treatment for Curly and Frizzy Hair

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