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"To restore shine, elasticity and a pleasant feel."


Up until a few decades ago, when having a shower, people would at times wash both their body and hair with soap, thus inevitably increasing pH on their skin, including scalp skin, and drying up keratin structures, which resulted into dull, dry, frizzy and rebellious hair.
To restore shine, elasticity and a pleasant feel, traditional usage suggested that hair should be rinsed with vinegar, reinstating natural pH and giving new life and beauty.
It can still happen today that aggressive shampoo and/or shower products, excessively frequent or intense washing, with hard water, or, occasionally, an incorrect diet may cause pH on the scalp to rise, with unpleasant consequences, which can be easily eliminated with “HELAN Polishing Vinegar”.

Capelvenere Polishing and Conditioning Bio Vinegar Hair Treatment

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