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"A complete, innovative and rich Formula"

A complete, innovative formula to help reduce fats, improve microcirculation and redensify tissues without iodine or use of its derivatives.
The synergetic action of three groups of extracts is ideal to effectively treat unsightly cellulitis with a complete cosmetic treatment:
- to improve drainage of water retention Centella asiatica and Escin extracts, the main active component of Horse-chestnut, as well as Ginkgo biloba, with their vaso-protective qualities, help the circulatory system.
- to burn fats a complex of Xanthine, among which Caffeine and Theobromine as well as an extract of fresh Artichoke buds, rich in Cynarine, works in synergy with Kola nut and green Tea to favour fat mobilization, thereby facilitating their elimination.
- to redensify skin and counteract free radicals, Echinacea angustifolia and Pomegranate extracts stimulate collagen and elastin production while powerful anti-oxidant and anti-free radical Bambara groundnut, ultra rich in polyphenols and carotenoids, help fight against loss of skin elasticity, making the most of skin repair and restructuring.
Aromatherapeutic essential oils stimulate the sense of smell, favoring the diffusion of active principles.

The intense coloring of the product is due to the high percentage of vegetable active ingredients.

Cellulite Treatment Cynara Cell Regenerating Remodeling Cream Cooling Effect

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