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Studied specifically for normal and combination skin, this cream is enhanced with light, delicate, sebum-balancing oils that include CottonInca Inchi and sweet Almond sweet Almond as well as Karitè wax that do not weigh down the subtle formula.
This cream has the precious actions of Hawthorn and Sage as well as dermo-purifying essential oil of Lemon, which favor the physiologic activity of sebaceous glands, normalizing any potential excess secretion with effective, targeted performance.
Vitamins B5  and E, with their anti-oxidizing properties, protect the skin from degenerative free radicals, slowing down the aging process of the skin.
This ultra-delicate cream gives a pleasant feeling of wellness and silky soft skin.
Perfect as a “night-time treatment” since sleep enhances recovery.

Combination Skin Rebalancing night Cream

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